Friday, March 6, 2015

favorite things friday: nope & smells ...

* Not So Fast ...
North Carolina Winters are cray, y'all! The temp went from 80* to 20* in a 24 hour time span this week. I was enjoying sunny skies & all sorts of warmth Wednesday & then stood in freezing rain Thursday afternoon at Brother's soccer game.

bless ...
But I enjoyed it while it lasted!

* all the spa smells ...
Last weekend, Mister & I went to my very favorite place in all of the whole, big Earth ... the Grove Park Inn!

This is my happy place ... especially the spa level!

Here's the thing .. when you step off of the elevator on the spa level all sorts of very spa-y smells overtake you ... lavender, eucalyptus, & magical pixie sweat, I'm pretty sure. While I was there I made it my mission to find out the source of the very good smelly smells because I was obsessed with it.

Well, Monday I walked the candle aisle at Target & found this ...

& I'm telling you, it is the closest thing to Grove Park Inn spa level you could ever get!
I'm seriously obsessed with it!
Hope you have a great weekend!!!
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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What I'm Eating ...

Hope you've been enjoying all of my "What I'm ..." posts.
If you've missed any of them so far ...
you can find them ALL HERE!!!! 
Today ... What I'm Eating!

You know how some people can get in the kitchen & just whip up anything with whatever they happen to have in their pantry??? Yea, well, that is not in my particular skill set!

I can read a recipe & I know how to use measuring cups ... so that's the extent of it. I love finding EASY recipes & Pinterest is a treasure trove!

Here are a few recipes I've come across on Pinterest that are on constant rotation in my kitchen ...
(click the links below the pictures to get original recipes)


Ruth from Living Well, Spending Less came up with this yummy recipe! What I love most about it (other than being super easy) is that before cooking, you are able to divide it & freeze 1/2 of it for later!

This is one of my Winter favorites ... just dump everything in the crockpot & 4 hours later, it's ready ... SUPER EASY! The only change I make to this recipe is using chicken instead of beef .... and right before serving I shred the chicken.


I LOVE this recipe! Super easy & super yummy ... these leftovers don't last very long at our house. And if you haven't noticed ... I'm a big fan of cream & pasta!

& here's my latest favorite snack ....

graham crackers with peanut butter!!!! 
& also, it goes without saying that I'm eating these ...
lots & LOTS of these!!!!!
amen & hallelujah!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hatmakers on HGTV .... again!

There's a new show on HGTV that debuts TONIGHT!!!!!

Jen Hatmaker & her husband, Brandon, are starring in Your Big Family Renovation tonight at 8EST!

Last year, HGTV followed the Hatmakers during the renovation of their 100-year-old farmhouse ... we all fell in love with them & now they have a new show where they help other BIG families renovate their homes!!!!

It's on right before FIxer Upper ... so obviously, if you need me tonight I can be found parked in front a television watching all of Texas renovate homes!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Hello, March!

Hello, March!
{rosehill designs}

I am so happy to see you!
I welcome you with open arms ...
please bring warmer, sunny days with you!
Thank you in advance!

Friday, February 27, 2015

favorite things friday: songs, studies, & Spring!

Y'all ... February is all but gone.

March is just hours away ... which means Spring ...
which means warmer weather ...
which means my somewhat
sunny disposition will be returning!

Until then...
here are a few of
my favorites from this week!

* great worship music ...
Last weekend our church had it's annual women's conference ... Jen Hatmaker spoke & Meredith Andrews lead worship. Meredith sang this song & it was one of my favorite moments from the entire conference!

Spirit of the Living God ... Vertical Church

* Illustrated Faith ...
I came across Shanna Noel on my instagram feed this week. Her website, Illustrated Faith, is unbelievable! She has come up with a whole new & interactive way to study the Bible ... through creative journaling. Take a look at some of these ...

 These journaling Bibles are incredible! I love this idea!

* timely reminders ...

{rosehill designs}

 I don't know about y'all, but I've needed this reminder this week! Spring is coming & I am ready for it!

 ... & that's it for this week's favorites!

Hope your weekend is a great one!

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

little pink couch on the prairie ...

We have had all sorts of inclement weather this week ... which means snow, no school, horrible roads, a lot of eating & TV. I would tell you there has been very little excitement, but that would be categorically untrue!

See, I have watched so much Little House on the Prairie this week that I'm almost embarrassed to have indoor plumbing. It been an exciting week in Walnut Grove, y'all!

 So far, I have seen the following:

Carrie fall down a well & get rescued
Mary suffer from a horrible intestinal infection & have to go through 2 surgeries
Charles get trapped in a mine
Willie Olsen stand in the corner at school approximately 37 times
Laura steal a music box from Nellie & have nightmares for a week over it
All the school children get trapped in a blizzard
Mrs. Olsen pay $27 for a wig for Nellie to wear in a school play (for price reference, Charles paid $8 for his land ... so obviously, Mrs. Olsen has lost her mind)
Mr. Edwards get beaten to a pulp over a poker game

So, while the rest of the South is at a standstill .... me & the Ingalls family have been living a lot of life.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

what I'm wearing ...

I've had so much fun with this "What I'm ..." series!
Today ...What I'm Wearing!

Prepare yourself for lots of casualness ...

* Stella & Dot ...
If you have been reading this blog for more than 2 seconds, you know I am a huge Stella & Dot fan. I wear at least 1 piece of their jewelry every single day. I love their charms & engraveables ...

& my favorite S&D bracelets ...

renegade cluster, gilded arrow, christina link

* boots ...

Between all of the rain, ice, snow, & coldness ... my boots have been working overtime.

* THE long, gray cardi ...

I found this at TJ Maxx ... which is a small miracle. I usually avoid the entire clothing area at TJ Maxx ... looking through all of those racks of clothing gives me a nervous tick. It just exceeds the limitations of my medication. However, I must have been having an exceptionally mellow day when I came across this cardi ... time & money well spent. I wear this thing ALL OF THE TIME! It's a great length, super soft, & goes with everything!

* Denizen skinny jeans ...

I loooove these jeans ... denizen stretch skinny jeans from Target. They are the perfect jeans ... easy to dress up or down!
Next week ... what I'm eating! I'll be sharing a few of my favorite recipes!