Friday, August 14, 2015

summer faves ...

Y'all I'm still alive ... I promise.

This summer has been like none other for me ... it's been fun, it's been challenging, & it's been all. the. things! So, the pink couch has been on quite a break, because life got a little in the way.

BUT! I'm here today to check in & share a few of my favorites that I've been enjoying over the Summer!

* Moroccan Oil Lotion by Suave

I know I told you guys way back in the Spring about Suave's Moroccan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner, but I can't remember if I told you about the body lotion. Anyway, it is glorious & it is less than $5! Smells like what, I am almost certain, heaven will smell like!

* Sill LoLo

This book is incredible! You may remember a few years ago Lauren Scruggs went up in a small private plane with a family friend to look at Christmas lights around Dallas. When she stepped off of the plane, she was struck by the plane's propeller & suffered horrible injuries.

Still LoLo is written by her & her family members about that night & the recovery. This family is just incredible. Their faith in Christ is woven through every page & it is precious.

Lauren has written another book, Your Beautiful Heart ...

& every teenage girl in your life needs this book!!!!

* Topsail Beach

The Mister was invited to speak at a sweet little church at Topsail Beach, NC & we got to spend the week there. Wehad ever been to Topsail ... we both grew up going to the beach that is just an hour away. Well, we fell head over heels with Topsail Beach! It is a small community that is very non-commercial & we loved it. Such a sweet little town with incredible local restaurants, book stores, & gift shops. We can't wait to visit again!

* Water

Yes! Plain ole water!

Thanks to some health concerns this summer, I dropped my beloved Diet Pepsi habit cold turkey! I have been drinking water like it is my J-O-B! I can't tell you how much better I have felt. I never thought I could/would drop drinking soda ... but there's nothing like feeling miserable for an extended period of time to make you kick bad habits!

* Lou & Grey joggers

These pants may as well be pajamas ... which is clearly why I adore them! The bestie & I hit up a huge sale at LOFT last weekend. She bought 2 pairs & I  left with 0 pair. Well, when I saw her wearing them later that night, I regretted not grabbing a pair. Ash immediately made me try on her other pair & gave them to me!!!! Seriously, they are super soft & super comfy & I LOVE them!!

* lazy days!

My ABOSOLUTE summer favorite .... lazy days!!! I've been soaking them up! Every. Single. One!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

the facebook quiz ...

I have an announcement to make that just might make you question everything you thought you ever knew, trusted,  and hoped in on this earth ...

Facebook quizzes can not be trusted.

I am sorry to be the one to have to bring you this sad news, but 'tis true, y'all.

How do I know this?

I came across a Facebook quiz today entitled, "How Long Would You Survive in the Wilderness"

Upon completing this very scientific Facebook quiz, I was told I would survive in the wilderness for at least a week. 

I ask you ... does this look like someone who could survive 1 full week (7 entire days, 168 hours) in a wilderness type situation????

I can answer that for you ... NO!
Let me remind you of the overnight camping trip my mama guilted me into going on with Mister a couple of years ago ... the one where I slept in my car & not the tent because I felt that steal & metal of my Jeep was a more trusted barrier between me & all of the nature than the nylon of the tent. Common sense.
So, if you take a Facebook quiz that tells you your personality is green, or that you'll live to be 187, or that you are most like Snow White ... it should not be trusted ... your personality is probably yellow, you'll be lucky if you see 64, & you are just as mean as Elsa!

Friday, July 3, 2015

favorite things friday: boo-boos, boxes, & beauty!

Happy Friday!!!!

& Happy {almost} 4th of July!!!
I hope everybody has
the chance to celebrate
America with lots of
hamburgers, hot dogs, &
shark-uninfested waters ...
just like our forefathers intended us to! 

Here are a few favorites from
the past couple of weeks ... 

*Oh Joy! cuteness ...

{available at Target}

 because all the cuteness of these Band-Aids are a perfect distraction from the boo-boos!

* filled life ...

 I'm sure most of you have heard of subscription boxes like Birch Box or Stitch Fix. Well, Filled Life is right up my alley! It is a monthly subscription to a box filled with all sorts of faith-related goodies ... art, jewelry, Bible study materials, clothing! I love this whole idea!!!!

check out their site HERE!

There are a few different subscription options & a lot of cuteness!

 * summer art ...

I have long sung the praises of Heather Stillufson & Rose Hill Designs.

I {big puffy heart} her artwork ... especially her summer art!!!! If you aren't following her on Facebook or Instagram, you absolutely should. She posts new pieces every single day ... you can find her on Facebook HERE & on Instagram HERE!

 & that does it!
Hope your weekend is a great one ...
Happy 4th, y'all!

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

it's called heightened awareness ...

If you have ever met me in real actual life you probably know that I was born with a special chromosome that some people would refer to as irrational fear ... I, however, call it "a heightened awareness of all of the things that could possibly not go right."

Now, if you have been watching the news lately, you may have noticed that North Carolina has experienced a lot of shark activity over the past 3 weeks.  As you might imagine ... with my special chromosome of heightened awareness and all ... this has really put me on high alert. AND the Discovery Channel's annual Shark Week starts Sunday & there is a Jaws marathon tomorrow, so really, it is the perfect storm, y'all.

I can't even!

I have always been fascinated with sharks ... which is probably because of all of the "keep your enemies closer" advice I've heard in my 39 years of living in the South. I have done extensive research on them .. in the form of watching Jaws 1, 2, & 3 at least a thousand times each ... & I can tell you this: sharks are scary, have very sharp teeth, & like to bite things.

Now before you think/comment that the ocean is the shark's home & when we swim in the ocean we are entering their home, let me point out something ... mother earth is 75% water ... I feel that the sharks should be considerate & stay out of the 5% of water we humans like to enjoy between the months of May & September.

Is that too much to ask, sharks?

Is it?!?!

I have exhausted myself thinking about it all ...

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

my plate is full ...

Guess what I did ... took the month of June off!

It was somewhat unintentional, because 3 hours ago it was June 1st & now it's July and I have done approximately 1 post in June. Hello, overachiever!

We have done a lot of living in the month of June ...

* Matt finished middle school & is now a high school student ... I can't even handle it!

* Priss  is now a 5th grader & only has 1 more year of elementary school ... again, how?

* We have vacationed hard ... Busch Gardens, beach, pool, pond!

* I read all of 1 book ... The Matchmaker by Elin Hilderbrand ... I highly recommend it!

* & we bought 2 hermit crabs ... because, let's face it, hermit crabs are the only pets I have the stamina to maintain.

And now it is July ...

Our plans include more time in, on, & around the water AND keeping the hermit crabs alive. My plate is full!

Monday, June 8, 2015

the BEST days ...

This is my time of year!!!

Some people see New Year's Day as the perfect time of year to make goals, write lists of all they want to accomplish, are inspired to make changes. Not me ... it's just too cold in January for me to get excited about goals & changes.

However, June!!!! Summer ... end of school ... lazy days ... the beach ... warm days!!!! Not knowing what day of the week it even is!!!! I love everything about it.

THIS is my New Year!

I shared my My Super Ambitious Summer To-Do List with you a couple of weeks ago. And I can't wait to get started on it. The kids only have a couple of more days left of school & then we'll all be free to partake in all of the summer goodness.

First up .... food truck rodeo with Bestie & Busch Gardens with the fam!!!

These are the BEST days, y'all!

Friday, May 29, 2015

favorite things friday: cute water & heavenly smells ...

 Happy Friday!
 It seems like FOREVER since
I've done a Favorite Things Friday post!!!
I have been on the lazy train with blogging this month.
I blame every bit of it on all
of the end-of-the-school-year apathy
I am experiencing.
Bless. It. All!
OK ... so, here are a couple of this week's favorites ...
* My plan for drinking more water ...
maybe i'll drink more water if it's in a cute glass!
How cute is this glass from Target?!?!?
It was only $9.99 & would be a
really cute end-of-year gift for teachers!
* Have you heard Morocco is an actual country & it smells great?!?!?
A few weeks ago I told you all about
& how I am obsessed with how great it smells.
Just an FYI ... they have the same scent
in body lotion!!!!
P.S. it smells heavenly!!!
Hope your weekend is a great one!!!
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