Wednesday, October 22, 2014

walking tacos!

My kids love those huge bags of the small individual bags of assorted chips ... we are very fancy!
However, nobody eats the Fritos ... so, we have like a dozen of them that have been piling up over the last few weeks.

 I came across the perfect thing to do with them while browsing the streets of Pinterest the other day ...

Walking Tacos!!!!!

here is all you need:

small bags of Fritos (Doritos are good, too)

taco meat

extras (lettuce, cheese, sour cream, etc)

Just put all of your taco fillings inside of your Frito bag & there you have it! Walking Tacos!!!!

Really easy ... and a great way for me to get rid of all of those Fritos fun way to eat tacos!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

this is my life ...

4 things that have happened so far this week that will give you a HUGE peek into my life ...

* My oven is broken & I don't even care.

* I started Monday morning with a nap!

* This morning I heard that they are making Sharknado 3 & got way more excited than I should have.

* The Reese's Cup pumpkins are out & have pretty  much been one of the biggest highlights of my week!

This is my life ... it's ok if you are jealous.

Monday, October 20, 2014

If it's good enough for JC, it's good enough for me ...

Remember that time Jesus was in the boat taking him a little nap while all of his buddies were freaking out about the storm they had come up on???? 

Well, dear friends, this morning I took a page out of Jesus's playbook ... I delivered 4 children where they were supposed to be before 7:30 ... then I came home & took a nap.

Because sometimes you just need to take a nap & hope when you wake back up your perspective will have improved.

Friday, October 17, 2014

favorite things friday: horrible days, snacks, truth, & shopping!

Happy Friday, y'all!!!!
My week has flown by & has
been full of all sorts of favorites.
My list this week is completely random ...
much like the week I have just enjoyed!
* Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day ...
This movie was so great! The kids were out of school Monday & had to get their flu shots from the pediatrician ... cause we know how to party on Columbus Day around here! After the doctor's appointment, we decided a great way to end the day would be at the movies, so I took them to see Alexander & the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!
Now, it's not always the easiest thing in the world to find a movie that a 13-year-old boy & a 9-year-old girl both love... but this one was a big hit with both Big Brother & Priss! As a matter of fact, when we were leaving the theater, Big Brother uttered the words ... "this has been such a great day!" Now,  when your teenage son, who has just spent the afternoon at the movies with his little sister & mom AND gotten 2 shots from the kiddie doctor ... says that, you've know you've scored!
* Snicky Snack!
You NEED to try these! & if you get around to it, try it with a slice of smoked gouda cheese! You'll want to write me a thank you not, but you don't have to ... I know you are appreciative! Sooo yummy! And because the word "thin" is on the box, I totally feel like I am eating health food when I'm snacking on these!
* She Reads Truth ...
So many of you have told me how much you've been enjoying the daily devotionals offered at She Reads Truth! I am doing the Hosea study right now (one of their older studies) & am loving it! If you've never taken time to look through their current & past studies, I encourage you to check it out! It is such an incredible resource. I'm having a hard time deciding what my next study is going to be!!!
Last week, She Reads Truth introduced their Bible studies for the rest of 2014! Hospitality, a study on biblical hospitality... the welcoming posture of the heart, not just the home, starts on the 27th.
They are offering $4 off the study packet between now & Sunday ... just use the code PINEAPPLE at checkout to receive your discount! ORDER YOURS HERE! (I am not affiliated with She Reads Truth in any way  & don't benefit from mentioning them... I just really love their ministry & want you to enjoy it, too!)
* Shopping for pretties!!!!
If you missed yesterday's post, I showed you lots of pretties from Stella & Dot's 2014 accessories line!  I've been a big fan of their jewelry for a long time & am inviting you to shop along with me ... you can browse their site & ORDER HERE!
Here are a few of my favs ...

LOTS of pretties!!!!!
And that just about does it for this week's favorites
from my little pink couch!
Hope your weekend is a fun one!
Be awesome, y'all!
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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Stella & Dot

If you've been reading for a while, you know I LOVE Stella & Dot jewelry! They always have such a great selection of fun accessories to choose from ...

I had a trunk show a couple of years ago & had so much fun I've decided to have another one!

I know that most of you reading live elsewhere & can't make it to the show, but I want to invite you to shop along with us!!!! You can order ONLINE HERE!

One of my first Stella & Dot purchases a few years ago was this charm necklace. They have a huge selection of charms ... my necklace is the "tree of life" with Big Brother & Priss's birthstones, a cross, & a B for my last name. I have worn it almost EVERYDAY since I got it ...

It's still one of my favorite pieces of jewelry I've ever owned!

Stella & Dot have a great line this year! Lots of really cute statement pieces & plenty of more understated items it that's more your style. A couple of years ago, S&D branched out & began carrying totes, wallets, tech cases, scarves can browse through all of their goodies HERE !

Here are few of my favorites from their new collection ...
Elodie Necklace $89


Stella & Dot even have a line of super cute jewelry designed for little girls!!!!
**great little Christmas gifts**
 So, go ahead & make your list of goodies that you'd like ....
there's plenty to pick from!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

homecoming priorities ..

Dear Christopher Columbus ...

I would like to give my sincerest thanks for accidently discovering America in, what I can only assume was, mid-October. My kids haven't had a Monday off from school since Labor Day & this mama was in dire need of an alarm-free, carpool-free, homework-free Monday like you just wouldn't believe! And what's even better ... it just happens to coincide with the day after Homecoming Sunday at Mama & Daddy's church, so I had ample time to  recover from my food induced coma.

I told you about the Southern treasure of church homecomings last year (you can read about it HERE). I'm not sure if it's like this everywhere, but at Mama & Daddy's church, the women know how to cook ... like REEALLLLY cook. The amount of food is insane.

I have a very specific game plan for Homecoming Sunday ... get a slice of my Aunt Janice's carrot cake FIRST! You can't take the risk of standing in line, getting a plate full of food, eating it all, & THEN going for the dessert table for the carrot cake. Chances are, by then that carrot cake will be long gone ... & I would hate for all the churchfolk to see me have an all out fit over missing out on my Aunt Janice's carrot cake! So, it's the carrot cake first, eat that, & then go back for the other food. Yes, you may miss out on my Mama's meatloaf (which is to die for) or my Aunt Peggie's fried chicken ... BUT a carrot cake crisis has been averted!

It's called priorities & home training!

Monday, October 13, 2014

missing in lots of action ....

First off ... yes, I have been absent for a few days. I wish I could tell you I have been relaxing on the beach without a care in the world to distract me. Wouldn't that be a great reason for all of my  absentness!?!?

However, I am sorry to report that was not how the end of my week played out last week.

It seems Priss met up with some Poison Oak in some of her travels & good Lord alive it took over the last half of my week. I was up to my elbows in ointments, salves, & prescription steroids!

It all started Tuesday night/Wednesday morning around 2am .... I was awoken from a dead sleep by Priss & her red, puffy, sweet little face ... one of her eyes was almost swollen completely shut & I went into a complete panic.

You see, completely overreacting to medical situations when I am jarred awake at 2am is what I am just naturally good at. Mister, on the other hand, is the voice of reason. I woke him up & told him Priss needed to go to the doctor first thing in the morning ... He said OK & rolled over & continued in his slumber. While I gave Priss allergy medicine, made her sleep on a palate beside my bed, & watched to make sure she was breathing for the rest of the night!

So, the next morning, after a visit to the doctor & 3 prescriptions later, I did what everybody tells you NOT to do ... I googled Poison Oak & read this ....

Let me tell you this, if I would've read that at 2am I would've just had a heart attack & Poison Oak would've been the least of our worries! (note to self: never go on WebMD during the middle of the night)

I did learn something very valuable in all of the Poison Oak treatment ...prednisone makes 9-year-old little girls especially chatty! I made the mistake of giving Priss a dose of her medicine before bed one night & woke up to her skipping around in circles beside my bed at 1:45 & declaring she was ready for her next pill & also, she wasn't tired anymore & should she just read a book? how about Moby Dick? I think I will read that!


Needless to say, I sent her to school the next day with a note that asked her teacher to please have a little extra grace while dealing with my child, because the steroids had made her "extra bubbly!"

I am happy to report that the ointment, salves, & prednisone have worked their magic & Priss is back to her unpuffy  .... somewhat less chatty self ... & neither she nor I required emergency assistance.