Monday, September 29, 2014

She Reads Truth ... I & II Peter

If you joined me in She Reads Truth's study, Open Your Bible, I hope you loved it as much as I did!!!! I was sad to see it end yesterday, BUT happy to know they are offering a great new study starting TODAY on I & II Peter!!!!

Just like before ... you can order the entire study pack HERE. It includes ...

8 x10 verse watercolor print
2 wallet sized verse cards
52 page study booklet (with more beautiful artwork)
She Reads Truth will not be offering the printable version of this study, as they did with Open Your Bible ... {sad face}. Even if you don't order the study packet, you can still follow along with the study each day at She Reads Truth. Every morning they post the day's readings, a great little devotional, & give you lots of thoughtful questions to consider.
It has become my afternoon carpool activity & I reeeeaaalllllly look forward to it everyday!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

favorite things friday: wake-up call, truth, & Nashville ...

hey, y'all!!!!
Happy Friday! 

Here are some of my favorite things ...

*The REAL Supervisor of Morale ...
I posted earlier this week about my new official  completely made-up title as Supervisor of Morale , but after watching this kid I'm feeling just a tad inadequate ....
{if you can't view this video on your device, click HERE}

ummmm .... Dear Apollos, you are awesome! Could you call me every morning around 7am & give me this speech?

Love him ... Love his attitude!

*She Reads Truth ...
Last week I shared She Reads Truth's new Bible study, Open Your Bible. I am LOVING it!!!! The 10 day study is almost over. They are offering a new study beginning Monday on 1 & 2 Peter. I'll link up to it Monday. However, I ordered a study from their archives ... the one on Hosea.

the artwork is beautiful!!!!

It arrived Wednesday & I can NOT wait to jump into it! The story of Gomer & Hosea is one of my very favorite love stories EVER!

*Nashville ...
Waaaaaaaayyyyyy back when this blog was just a teeny little few weeks old, I posted about the Stella Sisters. They star on a little TV show called Nashville. I'm sure you may have heard of it! Anyway, I adore those girls ... they are crazy talented! I came across this music video of them from the show & I think it is beau-ti-ful!!!!!

Speaking of Nashville ... we've got a little road trip planned to visit that fine city, because I'm deathly afraid of flying & my mister is precious & is driving 10 hours to get us there. Bless his heart. Can't wait to share all of that fun with y'all!!!!

& that does it, people!!!!
Hope everybody's weekend is fun & restful!
Love y'all much!

linking up with sweet Andrea at Momfessionals

an invitation ...

Several months ago, one of our favorite couples lost their 19-year-old daughter very unexpectedly. Her 20th birthday would've been this Saturday.

Our friends have come up with a wonderful way to celebrate the life of their daughter.

A few weeks ago, we received an invitation in the mail ... to celebrate Amanda's birthday by doing a random act of kindness on September 27th!

Such a wonderful way to remember & celebrate their daughter!

I asked their permission to invite you to celebrate Amanda, too. So, I'm asking you to do something unexpected & kind for someone this Saturday, September 27th. It can be as big or small as you want ... pay for the person in line behind you at the drive thru, leave a dollar taped to a drink machine, have flowers delivered to a rest home for the residents to enjoy ... the possibilities are endless! If you need a few ideas ... you can find lots by clicking HERE!

I hope you'll join us in celebrating Amanda's birthday by doing something kind for someone ... and I'd love to hear what you did!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

And the winner is ....

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to everyone who entered in From My Little Pink Couch's very first giveaway!!!!  And thank you to Covenant Church & Pursue the Passion for supplying 2 tickets to see Jen Hatmaker & Meredith Andrews for me to share with you guys!

So, after all of the entries were gathered, I used to choose the winner ... & the winner is ...

Susan French


 Susan, I'll be contacting you & get your tickets to you this week!!!

If you would like to attend Pursue the Passion, you can find ticket information HERE!!!

Ticket Prices:
Early Bird - $30
{after February 2, 2015 - $45}
Group (8+) - $25
Youth - $15
It promises to be a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

my new title ....

Over the weekend, I became aware of a career that I never even knew existed. And I have to say ... had I known this particular job description was even a possibility, my entire life path would've been drastically different. And even though I am almost 40 ... love teaching & enjoy this little blog that tens of you read, I have decided to change my title.

From here on out ... I would like for my official title to be ... "Supervisor of Morale"

I came upon this life changing realization while I was watching my Pirates play the Tarheels on Saturday afternoon. Apparently, one of their former quarterbacks is now the team's Supervisor of Morale (& I have to say, I hope they paid him overtime for Saturday's game).

Have you ever heard of a better job title?!? When I saw this picture flash on my in-laws' TV screen, I immediately announced (quite loudly), "I WANNA BE A SUPERVISOR OF MORALE!!!"

Life changing moment, my friends!

Your Supervisor of Morale!

P.S. If you haven't entered the GIVEAWAY posted yesterday for 2 tickets to Pursue the Passion ... head over to yesterday's post & leave a comment. Entries will end 10pm tonight & the winner will be announced on tomorrow's post!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Pursue the Passion GIVEAWAY!!!

You've picked a GREAT day to read!!!!
It's GIVEAWAY day!

This week I am giving away 2 tickets to see Jen Hatmaker & Meredith Andrews on February 20 & 21, 2015 at Pursue the Passion in Greenville, NC! 
Covenant Church is hosting these two incredible women for a weekend full of music, fun, great teaching & with Jen Hatmaker involved .... lots of laughter!

I've mentioned how great Jen Hatmaker is before! She is a best-selling Christian author, blogger, & one of her most recent ventures was starring in her own HGTV series entitled, "My Big Family Renovation" .... aside from all of that, she is hilarious! She doesn't shy away from the fact that being a wife & mama to FIVE is hard work! I love her honesty, because people .... the struggle is real! You can read more about Jen HERE.

And ... total bonus ....singer-songwriter, Dove Award winner, & Wilson, NC native Meredith Andrews will be leading worship for the conference! She's known for her hit songs, "Not For a Moment"  ..."You're Not Alone" ... & "Open Up the Heavens". You can read all about her incredible music career HERE.

To enter to win 2 tickets to attend Pursue the Passion & see both of these incredible women, all you have to do is comment below (either on the blog OR on MY Facebook share of this post). You have until 10:00pm Tuesday, September 23rd to enter! You can only enter once. Winner will be announced on Wednesday's {FMLPC} post & will be contacted through email or Facebook private message. Good luck!!!!!

Now .... comment away!!!!!

Friday, September 19, 2014

favorite things friday: Dolly, football y'all, & something unusual

Happy Friday!!!
Here are a few of this week's favorites ...
* Dolly's interview with Southern Living ...

Dolly Parton is like the patron saint of all good southern women ... a saint with tons of make-up, ginormous hair, & lots of silicone, but a saint none-the-less!  She is a precious little soul! This week I came across an interview Southern Living featured on their The Daily South site ... you can read it HERE.  

& of course, I can't pass up an opportunity to mention how much Daddy loves Dolly, too!  This is him sitting on the edge of his seat watching Ms. Dolly in concert on the Today Show a few months ago. Bless him.
*football, y'all ...
Yesterday I posted a picture of this shirt ...

A few of you wanted to know where it can be purchased. So, HERE is the link for that. I think this is the most perfect football shirt ever!
* Unusual ...
Loving this song by Francesca Battistelli .....
{if you can't see this on your device .... click here}
Love the lyrics & wish it was every girl's anthem!!!! 
And that's it for favorites ...
in case you missed any of this week's posts, here they are
And .... make sure you visit Monday!
I'll be having a GIVEAWAY!!!
Two tickets to see Jen Hatmaker & Meredith Andrews
at Pursue the Passion in Greenville, NC!!!!!
 ... linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals!