Tuesday, August 19, 2014

MIA ...

This is going to be a very blog-lean week for me ... just refer to Monday's post for an explanation as to why{please refrain from all of your knashing of teeth & tearing of clothing}. I am residing in crazy town this week! Lots to do before the kids head back to school next week & prepping for the beginning of preschool. 

I am sure we'll all survive without me sharing my latest favorite Target find & what ever other nonsense floats through my little mind this week ... tough, but totally survivable.
{I couldn't resist!}

I will be back Friday with some of my favorite things ... my list is growing, even as we speak!

So, with that ... hope the rest of your week is fab!!!! Be sweet, y'all!

Monday, August 18, 2014

holding on for dear life ...

This is our last week before school starts for Big Brother & Priss.  We have tons to get done this week ...

3 school open houses
1 dentist appointment
1 orthodontist appointment
3 days of football try-outs
1 pool party
more school supplies to buy (does it ever end)
a preschool classroom to get ready
& an end-of-summer trip to Busch Gardens!

I feel like our summer has been at least 5 months long ... we have packed in a lot of good times to our summer break! And from the looks of our trip back to Busch Gardens this week ... we are stretching our summer fun to the very last minute ... holding on for dear life, if you will! 

I haven't known what day of the week it is for the last 3 months, so ... I guess that's something to look forward to when school starts again. However, I am of the opinion that knowing which day of the week it actually is happens to be very overrated!

Friday, August 15, 2014

favortie things friday: advice, perspective, & blooms

Shew! It has been a week, y'all!!! The vacation re-entry has been a tough one on me!

But ... it's Friday & I have a few favorites to share with  you!

* Great advice!
I came across this blog post on facebook this week ...

Being new in the territory of "mama of a teenager" ... I welcome any advice I can find. After I read this post I wanted to make copies & hand it out to every other mama at Big Brother's 8th grade orientation. If you have teen boys in your life (son, brother, nephew, youth group) READ IT!!!!! 

* Glass 1/2 Full!
This week has been a doozy! It seems like so much has knocked my feet out from under me. So, when this arrived it was just what I needed!

Layla & Kevin over at The Lettered Cottage have started a new venture! They are designing & selling super cute tees to help raise money for couples seeking to adopt sweet kids from all over the world! They release a couple of new designs each month & only have them available for sale a few days each month. Check out their designs HERE at Blog Threads! Love supporting their cause!!!!

* The will to live!
There has been so much talk this week about life, death, depression, the will to live ....

I came home yesterday & saw this ....

Despite my horrible gardening skills and the complete & utter carnage around this little flower, it bloomed! It sprung forth new life! It found the will to live!

I have managed to kill every single other flower in this pot, but these 2 little stems have clung to life ... they are green ... they are choosing to bloom! It gave me hope & it made me realize ... no matter what is happening all around me ... I can bloom! I can choose to believe in life! 

Deep & heavy, I know, but that little flower has helped my glass be 1/2 full this week!

Hope your glasses are 1/2 full, too! Enjoy your weekend!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

vacationing with the in-laws ... again!

Last year we took our summer vacation with the Mister's family.

We had such a fun time that we decided to hit the road all together again! You know how sequels are never as good as the original??? Not the case with our vacationing with the in-laws, part II !!!! We had a blast again this go around!

{this year's re-enactment of the wall mural
at colonial Williamsburg welcome center} 

Our family of 4 left a couple of days early & headed to the Virginia mountains to spend some time with my aunt & uncle & their daughter's family. They live right in the middle of the Blue Ridge, Allegheny, & Appalachian Mountains. Can I tell you this ... the Virginia mountains are GORGEOUS!!! BREATHTAKING!!! & every other word that describes beauty! 

Our first stop was at Monticello ... Thomas Jefferson's home.

 The next day we went to Virginia Safari Park & did this ....

... fed all sorts of exotic animals that have never been told about personal space. Although we left the park feeling slightly violated, we left with all of our digits still in tact ... so clearly, it was a success!

Seriously, crazy! Camels ... Emus ... Elk... things with big, spirally, pointy horn things ... & Priss swore she saw a unicorn!

We had planned on visiting Natural Bridge while we were in the area. That is, until we found out how much it would cost for our little family of 4 to behold the beauty of a natural rock formation. So, we did the next best thing ... we googled a picture of Natural Bridge & just showed that to the kids instead.

Then, we floated down the James River on inner tubes ... & it was the laziest river I have ever experienced ... just like I like them!

Theeennnn ..... we headed back east to meet the in-laws in Williamsburg!!! On our way, we spent a little time on the Blue Ridge Parkway ...

until our low fuel light came on. Now, if you have never been on the BRP, this would be a great time to tell you that there aren't a whole lot of options in #1 gas stations & #2 bathrooms, along the aforementioned BRP. I can tell you this because of the following .... #1 we coasted down the mountain in neutral until we found a gas station & #2 I was in a desperate situation once we found the gas station. However, I was told the bathroom was "outside, right next to the woodshed." YES! an OUTHOUSE, ya'll!!! Needless to say ... my bladder muscles got a great little workout until we came across some indoor plumbing further down the mountain!

So, with a full tank of gas & my empty bladder, we made our way to Williamsburg & met up with the mister's family.

 Over the next 4 days I got really good at smuggling food & drinks into Busch Gardens, sweating ... a lot, & enjoying the rides that didn't require some sort of safety harness!

{not pictured:  ME!}

{See the gray-haired lady on the back row??? That would be my mother-in-law ... God bless her!}

We had so much fun! AND bonus ... Busch Gardens has all the indoor plumbing a girl could ever wish for!

& 1 more picture ...

 ... just because I love this one of me & Priss wearing our monogram gear!

Monday, August 11, 2014

wanted ...

I came across this last week &
it just about made my
heart burst ...
We aren't needed by God ... but we sure are wanted!
If that doesn't make you smile this Monday ... nothing will!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Favorite Things Friday: thursday nights, a tutorial, & vacation!

I have had a week full of all sorts of vacation goodness! I'll fill you in on all of that next week because today is … Favorite Things Friday!!!

* HGTV Thursday nights …

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned how Monday nights on NBC are geared toward adreneline junkies, with all of the jumping off cliffs with Bear Grylls & all the ninja-ing on American Ninja Warrior. Well, Thursday nights on HGTV are now officially my favorite! I told you guys a few weeks ago about Fixer Upper & how much I love Chip & Joanna ... on yesterday's post I told you all about Jen Hatmaker's new show {hope you watched}. So, Thursday nights are now "Mama needs to watch her HGTV, so y'all find you something to do" night at my house.

*This headband tutorial ...

Andrea over at Momfessionals posted a super-easy tutorial for this headband yesterday. Her instructions included phrases like ... "It doesn't matter how long you cut it" & "It doesn't have to be straight" ... so, as you can imagine, it is right up my alley. Gonna add this to my project list I shared with you Wednesday!
* & my absolute most favorite thing from this week .... our family vacation!
You may not remember ... but vacationing with the in-laws last year was SO MUCH FUN! Well, we made the trek to Williamsburg again this year & we HAD A BLAST!!!!
So glad these crazy people let me call them "my people" ... we always have a fun time together! I'll be sure to tell you all about it next week! You can read about last year's trip HERE!
Hope you all had a great week ... now, excuse me as I try to readjust to my non-vacation life again!
Have a great weekend ... be awesome, y'all!
hop over to see what some of
my favorite bloggers
have been up to this week!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

today is a day i have been waiting for ...

I have been waiting for this day to get here for months!!!!  I know a few of you have too, because you've told me...

Tonight, on HGTV, a new show is premiering & you will NOT want to miss it! Trust me on this! So, I want all of my people to get all of their people together & watch!

Jen Hatmaker (Christian author, blogger, Jesus lover, expert in sarcasm) & her family are starring in "My Big Family Renovation." She & her husband, Brandon, purchased a 100-year-old farmhouse & HGTV is documenting their reno.

If you have never heard of Jen Hatmaker, check out her bio HERE.  She is a best-selling Christian author (check out her books here) & also happens to be the Mama behind the blog post entitled, "Worst End of Year School Mom Ever" that went viral & landed her on the Today Show a couple of years ago. She just has a way of being so honest about the struggle that a lot of mamas & wives try to gloss over ... especially all of us who try to live up to the Proverbs 31 version of what a Christian homemaker should be. Jen tells it like it is ... the good, the bad, the ugly. I love that!

So, you can imagine that following her, her hubby, & their 5 (yes 5!) kids through a renovation project will be full of all sorts of goodness.

The first episode airs TONIGHT at 11pm & there is another episode at 11:30pm. Now, I suggest if you are like me & struggle with all of the staying up lateness ... take a nap, set your DVR, drink a Red Bull ... but don't miss it!