Friday, April 17, 2015

favorite things friday: lilly

Happy Friday, y'all!
Hope you've had a great week!

Just one favorite this week
& it's a BIG one ...
* Lilly + Target = too much cuteness to count!

This weekend the Lilly for Target brand launches!!!! I have been waiting for this for months. I have my wishlist ready.

Here are a few favorites ...

Can you stand the cuteness?!?!?! 

You can see the entire line & make your wishlist HERE! If you see something you like, you better grab it FAST ... this stuff is going to fly off of the shelves!!!

Hope you have a fun weekend!!!

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

some days you just can't be awesome ...

I came across this the other day ... 

 At first glance, I loved it. Then, I thought .... well,this just seems like a lot of pressure.

Because, guess what ... some days "awesome" is not in my wheel house. Some days "mediocre" or  even "slightly below average" aren't in my wheel house, either.

I have days when "don't forget to get out of bed & brush your teeth" is all I can muster up.

As a matter of fact, for those of us that find the "awesome days" few & far between ... I made us a cute little graphic ...

Feel free to print this out, frame it, & display it proudly in your home for daily inspiration. Or, if you're not feeling quite so awesome ... print it out & scotch tape it to your bathroom mirror. Either way!

The more I thought about it, these words kept going through my mind ... BUT GOD!

He's OK with my lack of awesome.

He gets that not everyday is the day for us to be our awesome-est. If it was, we wouldn't need Him.

He takes up my unbelievable amount of slack.

So, if today is your day to be awesome .... DO IT! DO IT BIG! GO FORTH & BE AWESOME!

However, if today is your day to be "eh" ... then DO THAT, TOO!!! & do it without guilt & blame. Count it a blessing to know we need Him & He is there for us!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A.D. Observations ...

I'm not going to lie ... the post Spring Break re-entry has not been kind.  Monday morning was brutal, my friends.

I actually told Mister that I think I may have contracted some sort of disease that makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning. He quickly diagnosed it as laziness. Whatever ...

I will tell you one thing I was excited about Monday morning ... discussing my A.D., the Bible Continues observations with Bestie!

Now ... let me just do a public service announcement right now & tell you ... if you are not watching this,YOU NEED TO BE!!!! It is so incredibly well done!

OK ... now for 2 of my very astute observations:

* The living was harsh, y'all ...
The Romans would snap your neck in a hot second. They were an angry bunch of folk. And if that wasn't enough to worry about ... the amount of dust flying around is just insane! Everywhere .... dust!

* Resurrection Jesus's hair is ON POINT!
Just look at this ...

Have you ever seen better hair in a Jesus movie??? I was distracted by his hair the entire episode this week.
When I told Ash about the great Jesus hair, she said that made it total sense because we would all have new bodies in Heaven & we both decided that everyone would have great hair in Heaven!
God is so good like that!
So, are you watching???? Am I the only one that noticed the incredible hair ... & all the dust??? 

Friday, April 10, 2015

favorite things friday: flea market, food, & reads ...

Some weeks you just can't wait for Friday to show up ...
However, I am particularly sad that
this Friday has rolled around,
because we've been knee deep
in Spring Break at the little pink couch household!

There is little more I enjoy more than large expanses of time where we can sleep in, wear pajamas until an embarrassing time of day, & eat at drive-thrus like it's our job. We have excelled in each of those areas this week! #overachievers

I have been absent in blog world this week, because of all of the aforementioned Spring Break laziness ... BUT I am back today with all sorts of favorites! So, here we go ...

* The Go Girl Shoppe

Bestie & I headed to the Raleigh flea market last weekend to visit the Go Girl Shoppe.
I wanted 1 of everything in their booth!!!

Click the link under the picture above to see a few of their goodies & to find out where they'll be next. They are inside the Raleigh Flea Market just about every Saturday & Sunday and have a booth at tons of festivals all over NC!

* No Bake Chocolate Pretzel Peanut Butter Bars
Bestie saw Trisha Yearwood make these on her Food Network show & when I heard chocolate & peanut butter were involved it was decided that we were making these bad boys!

Easiest thing EVER! & they are now going to be my "go-to" desert item!

* Green Bean & Egg Salad

I found this recipe on Pinterest this week & it was the perfect thing to do with all of my leftover hard boiled eggs from Easter! Super yummy & super filling!!!

You can find the recipe in the link under the picture.

* Seamless

Angie Smith released her first Bible Study, Seamless!

I am 1 week into it & love it!

It's all about seeing the Bible as 1 complete story & how each book the of the Bible connects to others.

Studying the Bible can be really intimidating, but Angie has such a way of presenting it in a very understandable way! Highly recommend it if you are looking for a new study!

* Nobody's Cuter Than You

Melanie Shankle (from the Big Mama Blog) released her 3rd book this week ... Nobody's Cuter Than You!

A memoir all about friendship & how important friends are in our lives.

Melanie is hilarious & tells the best stories! Love her writing!

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Have a great weekend!!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

what March taught me ...

{rose hill designs}
March was a doozy, y'all ...
We lost quite a few friends very unexpectedly & March was hard.
This is what March taught me ...
* hug your people
* tell your people how much they mean to you
* be kind ... to everyone
you never know what people are enduring.
be a bright spot in their day.
* love your life
* enjoy today ...
you might not have the privilege of tomorrow
* take care of yourself

Here's to a great April!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

when will i ever use Algebra?!?

One of my younger friends was complaining the other day about how she had been out of high school x number of years & she had never once used Algebra.

My response ... just wait until you have kids & they have Algebra homework ... that's when you'll use Algebra!

Our oldest will be in high school next year ... #holdmewhileisob ... and we are in the THICK of ALL SORTS of Algebra at our house .... #holdmewhileisobevenmore. Seriously, there is A LOT of x and y-ness going on in my life.

Have I used the Pythagorean Theorem since 1994? Not until last week when Matt came home with all sorts of right triangles with missing measurements.

And then there are the square roots???? Bless.


So, teachers and parents ... when those teenagers ask "When will I ever use this in real life?" You have an answer ... You'll use it when you are helping your teenagers do their Algebra homework!

You're welcome ...