Friday, August 1, 2014

favortie things friday: home training, sweet tea & fried chicken, suggestion, & no words ...

Happy Friday, y'all!!!! & by the way, it is August!!!! Holy cow!

I've got a long list, so let me get to it ...

* train up a child ...

You know I love a monogram & I'm passing that passion down to Priss!

A sweet lady in our community has started a little monogramming hobby... I don't won't to call it a business, for fear she won't think it's fun anymore & I'll no longer be able to get cute things like this ...

Right now, she is selling these cute headbands for $8 each. I asked her permission to share her contact info & she said I could! So, if you would like to order one ... you can get up with her HERE!
If that link doesn't work, just let me know & I'll get you connected to her.

* One of my most favorite bloggers ever of all-time is Sophie Hudson from the Boo Mama blog. She is from Mississippi & the South runs deep in her veins! She authored the book, A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet. I have mentioned it 1 or 100 times, because I love it so very much!!!! Weeelllll, she is diligently working on a new book entitled Home Is Where My People Are!  She shared the cover artwork this week & it is adorable ...

I love how the fried chicken & sweet tea at the top are like a little southern coat of arms!!!!
Can NOT wait for this book to come out!
* & speaking of good books ...
I love great book suggestions. Well, Sis basically threw a book at me in the church parking lot this week & told me how much I was going to love it!!! 
The House Girl is historical fiction (which I love) & Sis raved about how great it is, so I'm excited to have a new read! Let me know if you've read it & if you loved it.
* Sharknado 2 ...
I really have no words .... really ... no words ...
Was 1 Sharknado not enough, y'all? One of my friends described it best when he said ... "the best worst movie I've ever seen!"
I can only imagine that the concept for this theatrical masterpiece was birthed when a bunch of movie execs were sitting around & just wrote terrifying things on slips of paper, put them in a hat, & drew out 2 & decided that's what they'd make a movie about. If I were to create a premise of a movie about 2 of my worst fears, it would be about flying & cellulite ... coming soon "The Flight of Cellulite!"

What could be more terrifying!?! Nothing, I say ... nothing!

& that's it for my favorites today ... hope you guys have a great weekend!!!!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

stumped ...

I'm going to share with you the cheapest project I have ever done ...

... a stump table!

If you are familiar with The Nester {& if you are not, you should be}, you'll know that she & the stump table go together like ... peanut butter & jelly ... Victor & Nicky ... Peter & Jesus. She took something most of us would haul off to the dump & turned it into something quirky & beautiful!

Take a look ....

painted & natural together for side tables

paired with another table
for a catch-all area

this one is my fave!
painted top with the paint
dripping over the sides!

I had to get in on this stump table goodness ... & lucky for me, I have a father-in-law that loves firing up his chainsaw!!!!

There are a ton of tutorials out there on how to convert your lump of wood into something pretty ... some are really good & some are really awful, so be careful if you decide to do this. Read a few before you start your project. THIS is the best tutorial I found.

Now, I will caution you, this is not an overnight project & it is also not for the faint of heart. Once you have your stump, you need to let it sit in the garage for awhile so all of the nice creatures that live in your new end table can find a new place to live. I let mine sit for about 2 months, or so, & I still had to evict a rather plump, nasty looking worm. Bless him.

After all the of stump sitting, I used a large flat head screwdriver & a hammer to strip off the bark.

Next, I sanded the sides, top, & bottom to smooth things out.

(I carved a little heart with S+E in it)

Then ... I painted the top of mine & let the paint drip over the sides (like the photo above) & sealed it with poly.

(I love that this looks like cake frosting!)

After the poly dried, I attached felt & rubber pads on the bottom to protect my hardwoods. & finally, the most important step in the entire process ... before you bring it inside, pray that no creepy crawlies still live in it! Amen?!?

Stump tables aren't for everybody, but they are definitely for me!!!! Love how perfectly imperfect they are!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

monday night on NBC ... thanks for the remider!

You all know I am a reality TV junkie ... I {heart} it! Well, Monday nights on NBC are now a reality TV lovers dream!

A new series, "Running Wild With Bear Grylls" started last night. Basically he takes a different celebrity out in the middle of nowhere for 2 days & they do super fun (or as Zac Efron kept saying last night, "legit") things like jumping out of helicopters that are actually flying in the air (I prefer jumping out of the ones on the ground) ... sleeping in caves ... repelling down 150 foot drops into ice cold water. Like I said ...  SUPER FUN!!! Now, while I am not a particular fan of the outdoors ... I do enjoy watching others in survival type situations. I feel it serves as a good reminder why sleeping out of doors is just a bad idea.

And I have to say, having Zac Efron as the first celeb ... well played, NBC, well played. Other celebrities like Ben Stiller (can NOT wait to see him next week), Deion Sanders, Tom Arnold (I can't imagine this will turn out well), & sweet little Tamren Hall (from the Today Show) are going to be tortured guided by survival specialist Bear Grylls over the next few weeks.

After an hour of all of the jungle surviving, American Ninja Warrior comes on.

If you haven't seen this yet ... it is basically people doing things that are not natural & not supposed to be humanly possible ... So, apparently Monday nights on NBC are adrenaline junkie ... or as I like to call it "let's remind America how unexciting their lives are & just how out or shape they are" night on NBC.

Thanks for the reminder, NBC.

Monday, July 28, 2014

don't stop ...

Whatever you are praying for .... don't stop!
He listens ...

Friday, July 25, 2014

Favorite Things Friday: tone loc, hope, & sis

It. Is. Friday!

This week I have been in such a funk {now, as I'm typing, the lyrics to "funky cold medina" are running through my mind ... don't google it ... I'd hate for your opinion of me to get any lower than it is at this moment ... I can't help myself, it is simply a product of being a teenager from the 90's}.

I gave you a bit of a run down of my very uneventful week HERE on Wednesday. I am happy to report that these wonderful things can be added to the list of my favorite things this Friday ...

To all of the mothers of young children who think you will never be able to leisurely sleep-in/nap/rest your eyes/go to the bathroom alone again .... HAVE HOPE! When your children reach about 9-years-old, you will be able to do all of these things you have yearned to do once more! Your children will sleep in until 10am, they will play on the ipad {I mean, so I've heard, my kids read the Bible} while you take a little nap ... pretty much they will just need you for transportation & when it's time to buy new shoes. So, hold on to hope, ladies!

* Time by the pool with my Sis!
I am the youngest of 4 & the only girl. I wanted nothing more than to have a sister when I was growing up. Well, this is who God gave me ...

my cousin (3 years younger than me). We were raised more like sisters & have so many great memories {most of which I have sworn her to secrecy ... no really, I have}.  We spent an afternoon by the pool catching up & laughing ... and it did my soul good! She has a daughter Priss's age & watching the 2 of them together is like looking at Sis & me when we were kids ... which is precious & scary all rolled together!

I mentioned the Chicken Bacon Pasta I made the other night in Wednesday's post. If you are interested in the recipe, you can find it HERE. Let me know if yours turns out with or without scrambled eggs!

As always, hope you have a great weekend!

Be awesome, y'all!

linking up with Andrea @ Momfessionals!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

hardly worth sharing ...

I have been in a very lazy blogger mood this week. I have no excuse other than the laziness & the just not having any words to type for you fine people to read. My week has been fairly uneventful thus far.

 Don't cry for me Argentina ... I am all for uneventful ... I live for uneventful .... uneventful is right up my alley, y'all!

Here's a little of my week so far ...

* Finished Mindy Kaling's Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? & Other Concerns.  I love her even more than I did before I read her book. She is my kind of funny. Her book is a peak into her hilarious thoughts & I loved it!

* I found a recipe for Chicken Bacon Pasta on Pinterest months ago & finally got around to cooking it ... because, bacon & pasta! Toward the end of the recipe it instructed to add 2 eggs into the cream sauce & then add the cooked pasta. Now, the recipe claimed the heat from the cooked pasta would cook the eggs thus not making them RAW. However, I didn't trust that information & took it up myself to put the entire dish into the oven on 350* for 15 minutes .... cause ain't nobody got time for salmonella! Well, after 15 minutes in the oven, my Chicken Bacon Pasta turned into Chicken Bacon Scrambled Egg Pasta.

  Bacon? goooood! Chicken? gooood! Pasta? gooood! Eggs? gooooood! SCORE!

* I had my yearly physical yesterday & the doctor told me my muscle tone was really good ... then he told me I was the first patient he'd seen all day under the age of 80. So, apparently I have great muscle tone compared to all of the octogenarians .... I'll take it!

See .... uneventful ... hardly worth sharing.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Target Mix & Match ...

It is a well established fact that I am somewhat of an unofficial Target Ambassador. As a matter of fact, I am seriously thinking about having business cards printed with that under my name ... Or maybe get some sort of badge I could flash like FBI agents do in the movies. It would be round ... like the Target bullseye, & have a banner underneath that reads "unOFFICIAL TARGET AMBASSADOR OF GOODWILL"

Yes, I have put a lot of thought into it & also, this should tell the level of excitement that my weekend contained. I almost made a mock-up of what my badge would look like, but I thought that might seem a little loser-ish of me ... even more than the fact that I have put serious thought into my fake badge & fake title.

Anyway .... I actually  have a point ...

Everyday Savvy's fashion portion of their website has found the way to my heart!!! I shared several Fridays ago one of their mix & match Target outfits post ...

15 mix & match outfits (including shoes) for less that $165!!!!  LOVE!
Since I shared this with you, the geniuses (as far as I'm concerned) at Everyday Savvy have made 2 more mix & match Target style boards!!!
This one has 15 looks that could easily carry you into Fall ... 
 ... for less than $250 ... three pairs of shoes (including boots), a great statement necklace, scarf, cardigan!
And here is the latest style board they've posted ...
Another 15 great outfits ... for $235! Seriously .... makes me giddy!!!

Not only are the mix & match outfits put together for you, but EVERYDAY SAVVY has each individual piece listed with a link to Target's website & pricing information .... CLICK HERE to check it out.

I have absolutely no fashion sense, so stuff like this makes my quite happy & makes it so easy to shop for great "go-together" pieces!

On another note:
Remember I told you guys last week about Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel? Well, guess what I came across yesterday in Target's weekly ad ....

YEP! They now have it available ... & it's on sale for $14.99 .... & right now all nail polish happens to be on Target Cartwheel for 10% off. So, it would really be silly of you not to go ahead & buy some!

Happy Shopping, y'all!!!!