Wednesday, September 3, 2014

cast #19, you poor souls ...

It is no secret that I have an unusually large affection for all sorts of reality television ... and one of my absolute favorites of all time is Dancing With the Stars!

Yesterday the season 19 cast list was leaked which made me absolutely giddy!!!!

But, before we get to the cast ... can we please discuss how in the sam hill is it already season 19?!? Are we counting seasons in dog years now? Bless ... 19 just seems to be a lot.

OK ... back to the important issue (& I use that term loosely) ... the cast list. Honestly, I don't recognize 3/4 of the celebrities (& again, I use that term loosely). I was reading through the list just a tad bit discouraged about the lack luster cast until light shone down from heaven & I swear to you, I heard a choir of angels singing a Tom Jones classic, because look who was last on the cast list ...

 American's favorite cousin .... Carlton!!!!
yes, I am aware he has a real name, but
he'll forever be Carlton in my heart!

Can you even get over it!?!?!? And as far as I am concerned ABC shouldn't even bother with season 19, because I am declaring Carlton the winner! If you question as to why .... just watch this video of fine dancing ability ....

If you can not watch this video on your particular device, I implore you to search "carlton" on the You tube & just behold the magic!
And by the power vested in me by no one other than myself, obviously (& counting the amount of hours I have spent watching reality TV ... I am totally qualified), I hereby reserve this mirror ball DWTS trophy for Carlton ...
... others need not apply.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

how Labor Day was intended to be celebrated ....

Ummmm .... hello September. Where did you come from & how did you get here so fast?!?! I seriously woke up yesterday morning, looked at my phone, & gasped out loud when I saw it was September 1st! I was totally unprepared for September to be here amongst us!
I was so glad it was a holiday so I had the day to get over the realization that it was, in fact, no longer August. Which, I am sure is what Labor Day is really supposed to be for ... mourning the passing of summer over hamburgers & ridiculously great sales at Loft.
Bestie & I spent our Labor Day walking every square inch of the Southpoint Mall in search of the perfect Fall boot. Let me tell you this, if there was a size 7 1/2 brown boot anywhere within the 1.3 million square feet of said mall, Bestie had it on her right foot! And I was right beside her giving her all sorts of moral support, because that's what friends are for. I am pretty sure Elton John, Dionne Warwick, Gladys Knight & Stevie Wonder sang an entire verse to that effect back in the early 80's.
All that fall boot laboring was not in vain, because Bestie found the all elusive perfect boot that met all of her very specific criteria & I was able to give the "totally super cute" seal of approval to. So, happy Labor Day to us!
& now ... on to Fall! Bring on the cooler weather! And when I say cooler weather, please know I mean temperatures in the low 60* area ... just cool enough for jeans, cozy sweaters, & a cute boot!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Favorite Things Friday: first things, lunch, & a reunion ...

Looooongest 1st week of school EVER! Bless! But I have some great favorites to share with you ....

*first things first ...

Right now Target Cartwheel has an INCREDIBLE offer ... 25% off of everything you can imagine in women's fashion .... shoes, handbags, scarves, accessories, active wear, sleepwear, most clothing ... 25% off, y'all!!!!! I can not be held responsible for the shame & guilt you will, no doubt, experience if you don't participate in these savings!!!! & if  you need me, I'll be at the Target!

* speaking of Target ...
Priss was in need of a new lunchbox for this year. I am not sure why, because whenever I pack her lunch she comes home with all of the food still inside & announces, "Well, they served corndogs today! How do I say no to corndogs!?!" #thestruggleisreal #corndogsforlife

I got this cute little lunchbag for her at Target ...

$9.99 & full of all sorts of cuteness (& yesterday's sandwich!)

The best part about this lunchbox ... it is made by a company right here in North Carolina ... Studio C! You can find some of their other products HERE! They happen to be offering 50% off select backpacks & messenger bags through the end of the month. They've got tons of cute goodies!
*reunion ...
You may have heard already, because all of the major news organizations {& by news organizations, I mean E! & TMZ} have been talking about it all week ... A Full House reunion is in the works! Have mercy!
Priss is obsessed with this show & watches almost every night before she goes to bed. For her, this reunion will be the most exciting thing that has ever happened in her entire 9 years of living upon this Earth!

People, enjoy your loooong weekend! May it be filled with sleeping in, football, lounging, beaching, eating of hamburgers, hot dogs, & all of the chips & assorted dips you heart desires!

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

other people's funny thoughts ....

We are on day 4 of school & I have no words left in me to type for you fine people to read. The early mornings, lunchboxes, homework, & carpool lines have sucked every witty thought & observation from inside of my skull.

However, I have some hilarious friends who constantly send me hilarious things to watch & read ... so, I thought I'd share with you a few things that have been shared with me this week!!!!


My newest future sister-in-law (I now have 2!!!), sent me this & it has to be the most perfect back to school video EVER!!!! This is exactly what my Monday looked like ... minus the pink sequin hat! I walked into Target like a boss!
I am huge Jen Hatmaker fan. I have practically begged everyone of you to stay up to the wee hours of the night every Thursday to watch her show on HGTV (which, by the way, tonight the last 2 episodes are airing). Well, apparently I am not the only Hatmaker wannabe ... THIS blog post from Danny Franks about how Jen Hatmaker ruined his marriage is so funny! Click HERE to read it .... however, if you have a weak bladder, be sure to potty first because it is pee your pants funny!
Yesterday, Bestie sent me THIS run down of Fall 2014 fashion trends. After reading it, I am seriously concerned for the state of fashion forwardness in the world. Have all of the designy people run out of ideas??? Bless us one & all! This is one of the looks the fashion world is trying to pass off to us ...

I happen to be the biggest fan of staying warm & being cozy you will ever come across, but really?!? Somewhere in the world there are a couple of dozen very cold & angry sheep grazing on the side of a mountain giving the stink eye to the entire fashion community. Bless!
So, how about y'all? Seen any funnies this week??? If you have link to it in the comments .... I love to see what makes y'all giggle!


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

it took 24 hours ...

You know that first day of school excitement where your kids jump right out of bed, eat breakfast, get dressed, & are ready to walk out the door 45 minutes before you actually have to leave? Well, that took about 24 hours for Priss to get over.

She enjoys her sleep & as a fellow sleep-enjoyer ... I totally feel her pain!

She was up & at 'em yesterday ... BUT she did find time to sneak in a little siesta after her homework was complete yesterday afternoon. And I may or may not have joined her in all of the siesta-ing. We need our sleep!

This morning ... it took a little longer for Priss to rise & shine ... bless her. So, I'm guessing by November ... mornings around here are going to be great fun.

Monday, August 25, 2014

180 days ...

Today is the day ... back to school for my kids.

180 days of early mornings, 
homework, carpool, lunchboxes,
& Priss rolling her baby blues
at what I pick out for her to wear
{Yes ... I still tell her what to wear...
she is 9 & has the fashion sense of a hobo}.

So, in honor of our returning to 
being responsible human beings & waking up
before the crack of 10am,
I leave you with this lyrical masterpiece...

Nothing says "back to school" like Sir Mix-a-Lot, y'all!

& the countdown til next summer starts NOW!

Friday, August 22, 2014

favorite things friday: sweaters & booties, suede, & back at mama's

I'm baaaa-aaaaackkk!!!! And if you didn't believe my post Tuesday explaining my blog-lean week ... I have sat down at the computer 4 times to start this post & have had the people I share this house with call me away for things that apparently only a mother is qualified to do.

Anyway ...

Happy Friday, y'all!!!!

Here are a few of my very favorite things from this week ...

* Target finds {& great deals!}...

I ordered this sweater for ... get this ... a whole whopping $9.18!!!!
It comes in 6 colors, but a few
have select sizes because it's on clearance!

super cute black booties that Sheaffer from Pinterest Told Me To
mentioned earlier this week.
I snagged a pair for $28 ... a complete STEAL!

While I can't stand colder weather ... I love wearing jeans, comfy sweaters, & boots! So, I'm looking forward to Fall for that reason only!
* new to me ...
I've had this polish for 2 or 3 years, but have always used it for pedicures. This week I used it on my fingernails {with Sally Hansen's miracle gel top coat I told you about HERE} for the first time & I LOVED it!!!

{Gray Suede by Revlon}
A very subtle, barely there color! Perfect!
* & last ...
I heard this song on the radio this week & as soon as I got home I went to You Tube to find the video ...
Tim & Faith singing "Meanwhile Back at Mama's".... lord have mercy on my soul! This song takes me home ... even though Daddy never smoked & never drinks anything stronger than my mama's sweet tea. & the video is just precious! Love! Love! Love!
Hope your weekend is full of fun! We are going to enjoy our last couple of days of freedom before school starts on Monday  morning! Packing it in & hanging on for dear life, y'all!!!!
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