Friday, January 30, 2015

favorite things friday: tees, indoor plumbing, cuteness, yumminess, & 42!


YES!!!! YES IT IS!!!!
Happy Friday, y'all!!!

Here are a few of my favorites from this week ...

* great deal ...
Earlier this week I told y'all about a reeeeaaally great deal at Target ! A lot of their clothes are on clearance & you can get another 20% off with Cartwheel. I picked up a couple of super cute, comfy Mossimo tees for under $8 a pop ...

Great deals are my favorite!!!!
* little house with Priss ...
So, Priss & I have a new favorite thing to do together ...

watching Little House on the Prairie!!!!  This is us snuggled up on the couch together being grateful for indoor plumbing & electricity. We've both decided we were definitely born in the right century!
* the handmade home ...
I follow the_handmade_home on Instagram & yesterday she posted this picture of her kitchen ...
Know what I love about it??? Every single thing ... the open shelves, the farmhouse sink, the old kitchen scale, {sigh ....}. I love it all & it's my favorite insta post from this week! You can find all sorts of cuteness over on her blog !
* the 2nd most wonderful time of the year ...
I bought my first batch of Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs!!!!!

There will be many more to follow, I'm sure! & remember, y'all ...


* a birthday for Mister!
My very favorite thing is that my VERY favorite man was born 42 years ago this very day!!!!

Happy Birthday, Mister!!!!
 I love you lots & lots!!!!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!!!!
See you next week!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

what I'm doing ...

Over the next few weeks I'll be doing a "What I'm ..." series.

I am sure you are just filled with all sorts of anticipation & excitement over this development.

Here's the thing ... I have no idea if most of you even care what the heck I'm doing. To be honest, there are days when I don't even care what I'm doing. BUT ... a few of you do ask every now & then about a good book or a favorite movie or what I'm liking at Target these days (answer: all of the things!). So, I have taken upon myself to subject all of you to my answers.

So, over the next few Wednesdays, I'll be sharing some favorite books, music, TV shows, food, & if you want to know anything else just leave it in the blog comments. Please don't ask me to write about anything science-y or arithmetic-y ... because I am not qualified in those areas.

If you happen to think this is a horrible idea & the thought of reading about what I'm doing makes you want to gauge your eyeballs out ... I give you permission to not read on Wednesdays.

But know that I'll miss you.

But I hope you'll read.

But you don't have to if you don't want to.



Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Target DEAL Alert!!!

I love hearing from the Bestie, but I especially love it when she sends me urgent texts that have to do with a great deal at the Target!!!!

Right now, Target has a lot of their clothing on clearance AND if you have their Cartwheel app you can get an extra 20% off! Use your Target Red Card & get an extra 5% off!!!!!

These shirts are marked 30% off & my Target still had a ton of them in lots of colors & sizes ... perfect layered with a long tank (bestie is so smart!)! With clearance price, cartwheel, & Red Card ... they are less than $8!

Another cute clearance item is this sweater ...

It's marked down 40% ($16.78). I bought it a few weeks ago (before it was marked down, boo!) & have worn it a lot ... usually with my pink & orange puffer vest. A friend of mine has it, too & wore it to church this past weekend with pink pants .... SUPER CUTE!!!

So, get yourself to Target & save yourself some $$$$!

Monday, January 26, 2015

believe it!

God has made LOTS of promises to us ...
to never leave us,
to prosper us,
to never harm us,
to work things out for our good,
to meet our needs,
to give us rest,
to help us,
to give us our heart's desires.
God doesn't break His promises.
While we may wait & wait (& wait & wait & wait)
and wonder if God has forgotten about us ...
He hasn't!
He has our days planned out.
He knows the design He has for our lives.
He will fulfill His promises for your life ...
"... in due season He will honor you with every blessing."
Psalms 37:34

Friday, January 23, 2015

favorite things friday: devotion, shoes, crafts, & kisses ...

 Happy Friday, y'all!!!!

We've had a short week of school which makes for one very happy mama & some very happy kids around here!

Here are a few of my favorites from my week ...

* volume two ...
Bestie & I visited the LifeWay store this week & I picked up their newest women's devotional CD. I have the volume one set & I love it!

There are 2 CD's with 12 short devotions from women like Beth Moore, Karen Kingsbury, & Lisa Harper. Each teaching is about 10 minutes long ... perfect to listen to while running a few quick errands! The best part ... it's only $5! A total steal, if you ask me!

They also already have Boo Mama's Home Is Where My People Are  on their shelves ... so, I picked up one of those, too!

* like mama, like daughter ...
Yesterday Priss & I were shoe twinsies!

We decided it was "wear your Chuck's to school" day!

* cute craft ...
This week, @craftingchicks posted this on their instagram ...

super cute marquee letter kits ... sold at Michael's! They are only $12.99 & on my "to do" list!!!!
* kisses ...
I came across the oddest named deodorant I have ever encountered ... it's called "kiss my face" and it is actual deodorant. I sent this picture to Bestie ...

& she decided that a much better name for deodorant would be "kiss my pits" ... because if you can get someone to kiss your pit, that is some good deodorant. I happen to agree with her!

Aaannnnndddd .... don't forget!
Only a few more days to shop my Stella & Dot party! 

Their new line was released last week
& there are LOTS of gorgeous new pieces!

Have a great weekend!!!!

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

excitement & anticipation ...

I have taken a bit of a bloggy break this week. And really ... you all should thank me.

The most exciting & interesting thing I've done all week is think about all of the reasons I am in love with my DVR.  And who wants to read about that?!?

 So, obviously, I have done you all a favor by not writing.

You're welcome.

Over the weekend, I went to visit Bestie. I could tell you all about that, but while we find ourselves hilarious ... I have a feeling our hilariousness does not translate well into written word .. or probably not even to those sitting in the same room. So, there's that.

The kids had 2 days off of school this week. So, there have been all manner of staying up late, sleeping in, wearing stretchy pants, & watching all of the shows I've DVRed (so in love). Again ... not quite what makes for exciting material.

I can share with you that we have had temperatures near 70* the past couple of days! That, my dear ones, has me in all sorts of good spirits! BUT not good enough to make me try on the bathing suits that Target has so prematurely put on their racks. It is January & all I want to try on are clothing made of fleece &/or elastic.

Tomorrow is Favorite Things Friday & hopefully, I will be able to scrounge up a somewhat interesting list of favorites from this week (obviously, 70* temps ... & I will try not to mention my DVR again for fear of a restraining order).

I am sure you are all on the edge of your seats with anticipation ...

Until tomorrow!

Friday, January 16, 2015

favorite things friday: frowned upon, friends, & freebies

Happy Friday, y'all!!!
This post is really late today,
This blog is anything BUT a well-oiled machine!
Here are my favorite things from this week ...

* Bar Mitzvah discussions
At some point I was in the car with Priss & Big Brother this week & we got into a discussion about sweet 16 parties. Priss asked if, in fact, Brother would have one of those & I explained that boys didn't really have sweet 16 soriees ... so, she suggested that we have a Bar Mitzvah for him instead.

I feel like this would be a good time to point out that we are in no way Jewish .... as a matter of fact, I can maybe name 4 Jewish people (& Jesus would be one of those).

Now, while, I am sure the Jewish people are wonderful (we just happen to live in an area where they are few & far between) & that Bar Mitzvahs are festive & enjoyable ... I have a feeling that Methodists throwing a Bar Mitzvah for their child would be frowned upon.

However, snaps for Priss for her ingenuity & creativity. She loves a party!

* old friends ...
People ... this picture! Sandi Patty & Amy Grant both posted this on their Facebook page this week & I kid you not, I teared up when I saw it on my newsfeed! This is my childhood in a nutshell ... Sandi, Amy, & my cassette player in the basket of my bicycle. I cannot tell you the miles I rode that banana set bike while I sang songs like "Wise Up", "Straight Ahead", & "Let There Be Praise" at the tippity top of my 2 little lungs!

* freebies from Boo Mama!
We are just a few days away from Boo Mama's book release. I've read it already & it is so great ... absolutely precious ... & you will love it! TRUST ME on this!  Well, Sophie has some freebies for anyone who preorders between now & January 31st! So, go ahead and order 1 or 8 & get some sweet swag!  CLICK HERE FOR ALL SORTS OF CUTE FREE OFFERS FROM THE BOO MAMA, HERSELF!!!!
Y'all .... have a great weekend! See you next week!
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