Friday, September 19, 2014

favorite things friday: Dolly, football y'all, & something unusual

Happy Friday!!!
Here are a few of this week's favorites ...
* Dolly's interview with Southern Living ...

Dolly Parton is like the patron saint of all good southern women ... a saint with tons of make-up, ginormous hair, & lots of silicone, but a saint none-the-less!  She is a precious little soul! This week I came across an interview Southern Living featured on their The Daily South site ... you can read it HERE.  

& of course, I can't pass up an opportunity to mention how much Daddy loves Dolly, too!  This is him sitting on the edge of his seat watching Ms. Dolly in concert on the Today Show a few months ago. Bless him.
*football, y'all ...
Yesterday I posted a picture of this shirt ...

A few of you wanted to know where it can be purchased. So, HERE is the link for that. I think this is the most perfect football shirt ever!
* Unusual ...
Loving this song by Francesca Battistelli .....
{if you can't see this on your device .... click here}
Love the lyrics & wish it was every girl's anthem!!!! 
And that's it for favorites ...
in case you missed any of this week's posts, here they are
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Thursday, September 18, 2014

extra bubbly ...

Big Brother's first official football game of the season was last night. They had a big win ... 46 - 8!

It was exciting & yes .... I was loud & borderline obnoxious. I am one of those & I just can't help it ... I am easily excited. Or as my 2nd grade teacher once wrote on my report card, have "an extra bubbly personality" & sometimes that translates into what others may observe as loud & obnoxious.

{the most perfect football shirt ever created!}

After the game, we all piled into the car & Priss announced she wanted to give her brother a pep talk ... because apparently he didn't appear peppy enough to her after winning a football game by almost 40 points.

Obviously he didn't inherit my "extra bubbly personality" ... but Priss sure did!


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

i hate to say it , but ...

Last night was the season premiere of Dancing With The Stars. I have very little say about it except .....

Alfonso Ribeiro killed it! And I stand by what I said here! I am almost sure after last night Tom Bergeron has already engraved Alfonso's name into that mirror ball trophy!!! Just so some of the other contestants don't feel left out, here are a few honorable mentions ...
best dimples .....
total toss up between Sadie Robertson & Antonio Sabato, Jr.
most unfortunate wardrobe malfunction...
Michael Waltrip
most flexible ...
Betsey Johnson
most relaxed ...
Tommy Chong
(pending until drug test results come back)
most in need of extra material for their dress ....
Julianne Hough

Monday, September 15, 2014

Open Your Bible

Sharing something with you guys today that I am really excited about ...

She Reads Truth is a great website that offers incredible Bible studies for women. Along with daily scripture readings, the website also has study packets available that go along the day's study. 

Today they are starting a brand new study entitled Open Your Bible.

You can visit She Reads Truth HERE & download their study companion to go along with each day's readings. The booklet can be downloaded for a "pay what you can" price or absolutely free.

They also have their older Bible studies archived ... included is a study on Hosea (which happens to be one of my favorite love stories EVER)!

Hope you'll join me & Open Your Bible!

Friday, September 12, 2014

favorite things friday: anthro, #5, & yesterday's news ...

Happy Friday!
Hope everyone's had a great week!

Every Friday I share some of my favorites.
Here are a few of this week's ....

* Under normal circumstances, I do not purchase anything at Antropologie. I LOOOOVE Anthro, but it is crazy expensive & I absolutely can not justify spending an arm & a leg on clothing ... even on all the cuteness that lives on Anthropologies racks. However, a few weeks ago was not under normal circumstances. I found a crazy good deal on a super cute top! They were having a huge sale (which still made items more $$$ than I wanted to spend) AND clothing was marked down another 60%! So, I got this cute top for a steal! I had to order my size & It finally got here this week!

* Big Brother's football season started yesterday! His team chose their numbers & got their game jerseys this week. He came home with #5. I really didn't think much of it, but last night he told me why he decided on that number.

At the beginning of Summer, a teenage boy in our community died in an accident on the river (I talked about it HERE). He played baseball & wore #5. We didn't know him or his family personally, but anytime your community loses a young person it touches you in a deep way. The young people in our area have really rallied around his family & are working really hard to keep his memory alive! So, Big Brother wanted to wear #5 to honor Tanner's memory.

* & finally, just in case you missed my post yesterday .... something wonderful is happening November 16th!

& I happen to be absolutely thrilled about it!

And that does it for this week's favorites!
Hope y'all have a great weekend!!!!
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Thursday, September 11, 2014

when 2 incredible worlds combine ...

I usually share some of my favorites things with y'all every Friday & had planned on saving this until tomorrow, but I couldn't wait another day!!!! Mid-November something incredible is happening at Target!!!!!

TOMS & Target are teaming up!
Beginning November 16th, TOMS brand will be offering over 50 items for under $50 in Target stores all over America!!! If you can't tell by the number of !!!!! I have already used in this post .... I AM SUPER EXCITED!!!
They've released a preview of some of the goodies that will be available .... here are a few of my favorites ...

They'll also have lots of cute home goods & accessories available, too .... frames, throws, candles. To see the preview CLICK HERE!

If you are familiar with TOMS at all, you know they donate a pair of shoes for every pair of shoes purchased. Well, the same goes for the line that will be sold in Target stores. Every pair of shoes purchased gets a pair to someone in need AND for every purchase of an accessory, throw, or home good a blanket will be donated to the Red Cross! Seriously, love that!

The line will be available November 16th ... I've already marked my calendar!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

spelling & 4th grade stereotypes ...

Like most 4th graders ... Priss has a list of spelling words every week. One of her assignments is to draw the meaning of each word.

Well, one of her words this week is "sailor" ... you know, someone who navigates a boating vessel, a mariner, a seafaring type individual ... & according to Priss, smokes like a freight train ....

My apologies to all sailors everywhere!

Thank God she isn't familiar with the expression, "cuss like a sailor" .... I would have loved having to explain that depiction to her sweet little teacher!